Mission & Values

Our mission is to free investment fund managers from the distractions of back-office operations with innovative technologies and customer service excellence that drives the industry forward. Our values are efficiency, compliance and client success.

Mission & Values

As an investment fund sponsor, Phoenix American thrived because of its unwavering commitment to investors. We have developed our people, designed our systems and honed our processes with the success and satisfaction of every investor in mind. That commitment is at the core of our approach as an operational partner for our clients. Our mission is to free investment management from the distraction of back-office operations and ensure precise accuracy and maximum efficiency in every interaction with investors, advisors, regulators, and auditors.

Fund management must be free to concentrate on making sales and acquiring assets. The kind of back-office support that makes this possible takes experience, a thorough understanding of management’s goals and a partner-oriented approach to service that is so complete it can only come from an organization that has been in a sponsor’s shoes, with a sponsor’s sense of responsibility to investors. Our deep experience, service culture and consultative approach give clients the practical benefit of our decades of knowledge of alternative funds of every size, structure, asset class and investment strategy.

Company Culture

The company culture of the Phoenix American workforce is that of a family and team. Your team. Our passion for the work we do and our enthusiasm for working together is what makes Phoenix American a premium provider and a great place to work. Partnering with Phoenix American is as much like working with your own employees as we can make it, with many added benefits. Innovating, problem-solving, anticipating needs and our helpful attitude toward clients, investors, and advisors are the hallmarks of our corporate culture.

Throughout the year, management and employees participate together in team-building events, holiday celebrations, charitable outreach, company picnics and San Francisco Giant’s games to foster our sense of family and enjoy each other’s company. The Phoenix family faces changes, challenges, training and new assignments with an entrepreneurial sense of teamwork. Because of this sense of family, many of Phoenix American’s employees have been with the company for many years.

Specialized training, exacting standards and a focus on daily excellence ensure proficient account teams, contented investors and satisfied clients. A warm, collegial atmosphere and attention to work/life balance are what make Phoenix American a great career choice.