The ADISA Annual Conference and Trade Show 2022

Industry engagement with the major trade organizations in alternative investments. Helping to drive change and innovations in private fund services.

This is the ADISA Logo.The Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association   

Phoenix American advances operational excellence for alternative investments and speaks for fund administration’s top priorities in the key trade groups of the industry. As part of this commitment, on October 10-12, the company attended and sponsored the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) Annual Conference & Trade Show at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

ADISA is the biggest trade group in the alternative and direct investment sector in the United States, offering members networking, advocacy and educational opportunities during two semi-annual conferences. For a provider of fund administration services, ADISA is a vital point of contact with the alternative investment market where connections can be made and crucial knowledge of the shifting fund administration requirements of investment fund sponsors can be gained.

Like Phoenix American, ADISA works to maintain the effectiveness, integrity and reputation of the alternatives industry by encouraging the highest moral standards, improving operational effectiveness and educating industry members on matters critical to fund sponsors and distribution partners. ADISA conferences also offer opportunities for networking and industry representation in the media and politics.

The Essential Function of Fund Administration

Fund administration, which operates at the crossroads of fund sponsors, investors, advisors, custodians and other participants, serves as the structural support for a successful alternative investment market. ADISA conferences are a welcome venue for routine one-on-one interaction with the many disparate parties affected by our fund management responsibility.

Attending ADISA conferences brings together a host of our current and potential fund administration clients. Networking events offer excellent opportunities to speak with consumers and prospects one-on-one, learn about their fund administration requirements and discover how Phoenix American’s fund administration offering can better contribute to the advancement of the industry as a whole.

New fund administration solutions and technologies are discussed at educational seminars that cover emerging trends in fund structures, investment strategies and regulations. The development of innovative industry data flow mechanisms in collaboration with distribution partners are recent subjects of collaborative discussion.

Presentations and panel discussions address how fund administration innovation is enabling new technologies in fund operations, new investment onboarding tools, sales platforms and industry-wide digital connections.

In panel discussions on back-office operations, compliance, due diligence and other topics that pertain to the fund administration function, Phoenix American is frequently asked to present the fund administration perspective. Often, an advanced fund administration firm is the ideal participant in the alternative investment community to offer data-driven insight on operational challenges because of its daily direct interactions with every participant in the industry

Lobbying Activities

We as a fund administration provider must stay current with legislative initiatives and regulatory developments that pertain to alternative investments. The role of fund administration for alternative funds is heavily influenced by regulatory restrictions.

To the advantage of our fund administration clients, our collaboration with ADISA enables us to meet this need of monitoring and responding to any regulatory changes. In its capacity as a registered lobbyist, ADISA communicates with legislators and regulatory bodies not only in Washington, D.C., but also in states where regulatory changes that would affect ADISA members are being considered. Phoenix American, as a provider of fund administration services, constantly communicates with fund sponsors, investors, financial advisors, custodians and regulators, which gives us a unique perspective to bring to ADISA’s government lobbying activities.

We fight tenaciously for the rights of our fund administration clients. We collaborate with ADISA and other groups to submit comment letters on business-related topics, present critical viewpoints from the fund administration perspective and demand clarification when rules are unclear.

A fund administration provider should be at the forefront of informing clients of any regulatory changes that may have an impact on how they conduct business. The continued collaboration between Phoenix American and ADISA is a key component of this important fund administration task.

Leveraging Fund Administration for Education

Similar to Phoenix American, ADISA publishes industry-specific white papers on crucial issues relating to alternative investments and fund management. Phoenix American white papers have benefited from the insightful contributions of John Harrison, ADISA’s Executive Director, who complements our own contributions to the instructional materials for ADISA.

Phoenix American routinely contributes the company’s experience and perspective to the instructional materials that ADISA makes available to its members:

Beyond publications, we also provide other forms of instruction. We frequently contribute a data-rich fund administration viewpoint to educational debates, presentations and Q&A sessions at ADISA conferences. Data and procedures used in fund administration shed light on key regulatory challenges, best practices and developing trends.

A conference event at the ADISA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show

Promoting Fund Administration Excellence

There is plenty of time for networking at ADISA conferences. Our company heavily depends on forging new relationships and promoting the advantages of superior fund administration for both emerging and seasoned managers.

A distinct, varied set of experts are gathered for face-to-face interaction at ADISA conferences. There is no better method to explain the benefits of advanced fund administration and to comprehend how fund sponsors’ needs are changing so that fund administration can adapt to those needs. A wide range of alternative investment sponsors, broker-dealers, RIAs, custodians, fund administration companies and financing sources make up ADISA’s membership. There is a great deal of room for collaboration, inspiration, and connection. There is no better organization than ADISA for creating, preserving, enhancing and marketing an industry-leading fund administration solution.

The ADISA Foundation

The ADISA Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that supports the growth of understanding of the alternative and direct investment space through scholarships and special programs. The Foundation focuses its support on educational institutions that offer initiatives to help students in their studies in fields linked to ours and official government appearances at events to further the public’s and members’ education. Phoenix American is a proud supporter of the ADISA Foundation and is the industry leader in providing fund administration services to the alternative investment community.