I n the competitive landscape of private equity, raising capital from retail investors demands efficiency, accuracy and robust reporting capabilities. Enter STAR-XMS (Syndication Tracking and Reporting with Expanded Marketing and Sales Capabilities), a proprietary transfer agent technology that revolutionizes investor recordkeeping and fund administration services.

Centralized Back Office

At the core of STAR-XMS is the centralization of all back-office data, documents and functions in one system. This advanced transfer agent technology minimizes errors and speeds the execution of investor onboarding, distributions, commissions, capital calls and communications. It also facilitates in-house printing of checks, statements and tax documents, streamlining processes that traditionally take significant time and resources. By centralizing back-office tasks, STAR-XMS ensures accuracy and reduces operational risk in transfer agent processes.

Enhanced Visibility and Reporting

STAR-XMS provides live connections directly from the transfer agent database to industry participants such as clearing firms, wire houses, independent broker dealers, RIAs and custodians and platforms such as AIP and FAN Mail, streamlining processing and maximizing the visibility of investment products. This transfer agent technology empowers sales and marketing teams with robust reporting features that reveal areas of fundraising opportunity and supports financial advisors with integrations with Addepar, Orion, Black Diamond and other wealth management systems.

Seamless Investment Onboarding

Investment onboarding is made efficient with STAR-XMS’s capabilities in subscription document processing and straight-through processing. The transfer agent system’s API connectivity and integration with platforms like AIP enhance the onboarding experience for new investors, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

Industry Connections

One of the key advantages of STAR-XMS is its strong connections with major industry players such as Ameriprise, Pershing, NFS, LPL, and the DTCC AIP Platform. These connections, facilitated by the transfer agent technology, ensure seamless communication and coordination with broker-dealer back offices, RIA back offices, custodians, and family offices.

Accuracy and Risk Reduction

The transfer agent system’s role-based permissions and access, coupled with AML, KYC, OFAC and Blue Sky compliance capability, ensure high standards of accuracy and risk management. Integrations with fund accounting and payment systems further enhances the system’s versatility. Data security, redundancy and disaster recovery are integral features, providing peace of mind to both fund managers and investors.

Customization and Support

STAR-XMS is customizable to the specific transfer agent needs of each fund, with documents management within the system and consultative operational support. This adaptability ensures that the transfer agent technology can cater to the unique requirements of different funds, providing a tailored solution that optimizes operational efficiency. The system also makes all essential transfer agent data (positions, balances, transaction history), documents and updates available to investors and advisors through the Account Connect web portal.

Sales and Transaction Reporting

STAR-XMS offers powerful sales and transaction reporting on transfer agent data. It delivers insights into sales, transaction history and profile data, enabling sales teams to make informed decisions. The system’s searchable, sortable and trackable information leveraged with hundreds of standard reports, with options for ad hoc reporting. Automated and scheduled reports can be delivered via email or mobile device, in formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel, Word or CSV, and can be exported to CRM systems like SalesForce®. No system more efficiently leverages transfer agent data than STAR-XMS.

Strategic Advantages

With the STAR-XMS transfer agent system, funds take their back-office operations to the next level. This institutional-class, back-office infrastructure frees up internal resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. Advanced transfer agent technology reduces overhead, minimizes operational risk, facilitates seamless communication with investors, and satisfies due diligence requirements of institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors. It also simplifies annual fund audits and equips sales teams with better access to data.

Advanced Transfer Agent Technology

A specialized transfer agent system like STAR-XMS is indispensable for private equity funds aiming to raise capital from retail investors. By leveraging STAR-XMS, private equity funds can optimize their operations, reduce risks and drive growth. Most importantly, reliable systematic investor support removes back-office distraction for fund management and frees them to concentrate on acquiring and managing assets.