The Phoenix American Client Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for participating. The purpose of the Client Satisfaction Survey is to help us understand the quality of our clients’ experience, determine how we can provide greater value with our services and identify where we need improvement in our performance. We appreciate your input.
  • 15 Questions
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 5 Minutes
  • Comments and Suggestions Are Encouraged Throughout
Please know we value your honest opinion. Account managers and service team members will not see the results of the survey.
Client Satisfaction Survey
1. How Valuable are Phoenix American's services to your overall operation?
2. How well do our services meet your needs?
3. How would you rate the value for the cost of our services?
4. How responsive have we been to your questions and concerns?
5. How likely are you to recommend Phoenix American to an associate or colleague?
6. How often would you like your in-house group and your Phoenix American team to have a regular meeting to discuss your operations?
7. How would you characterize the performance of your account manager and team? (Account managers and team members will not see survey results or comments.)
8. How well do we perform fund accounting and financial reporting?
9. How well do we execute the production and delivery of tax documents?
10. How would you characterize the performance of our investment onboarding process?
11. How would you characterize the performance of our cash management team?
12. How satisfied are you with the performance of the STAR-XMS system?
13. How well do you feel the web portal serves investors and advisors?