Versatile And Scalable Fund Administration Services

Having the right operational model is a critical factor for ensuring your funds not only compete, but excel in complex global markets.


Versatile and Scalable Fund Administration Services

Increased operational efficiency in your fund administration services and full oversight and control over outsourced functions set your funds up for success. But in today’s alternative investment environment your fund administration services platform needs to be flexible and versatile. You need customized fund administration services to support whether your capital is coming from retail investors, institutions, crowdfunding or general solicitation. A fund administration services model that can grow, scale, and adapt as your business does is essential.

At Phoenix American, you benefit from the specialized expertise and technology innovations you need to build a scalable, efficient, and resilient fund administration architecture. We understand that a fund administration capability that spans the universe of alternative investments gives clients the option to pursue opportunities in any fund structure, asset class or capital raising strategy.

We provide industry-leading fund administration services to the full range of private investment fund strategies, structures and asset classes. Venture capital, private equity, real estate, commodity pools and debt funds all come with administrative complexities and fund administration challenges requiring a specially tailored approach.

Deep Experience with Alternative Investment Fund Administration

Phoenix American facilitates your compliance requirements and supports your brand with responsive fund administration services, customized deliverables and advanced web portal access to investor data. Our proprietary technology and experienced fund administration team delivers:

  • digital tools
  • data services
  • and high-touch investor service support

All of which allows you to focus on investment sales and asset acquisition. From our many years of transfer agent and fund administration experience, we enable you to anticipate and prepare for the operational requirements of your next move. Our fund administration investor services and client account teams deliver personalized and professional service without exception.

Our long-term investment in proprietary technology and advanced fund administration capabilities give you the benefit of a state-of-the-art integrated fund administration architecture that supports and helps to drive your success. By focusing intently on the needs of clients, Phoenix American has developed the most sophisticated fund administration offering in alternative investments.

At Phoenix American, we understand that where fund administration is concerned paying attention to the details makes all the difference. As a family-owned firm, we have none of the distractions of third-party stakeholders. Having been the sponsor of successful alternative investment funds for over twenty-five years, we understand the specialized fund administration needs of our clients.

New Investor Expectation from Fund Administration

Our strategy is make your experience with outsourced fund administration as much like working with an in-house team as possible. You and your investors benefit from a personalized fund administration services approach, tailored to your business strategy and goals.

The growth of the alternative investment industry is phenomenal. Investor access to alternatives has expanded and investor expectations have risen dramatically. Institutional investors, high-net worth individuals, retail investors and crowdfunding investors need individualized, scalable and compliant fund administration solutions so that managers can focus on generating returns. Phoenix American provides:

  • fund administration
  • fund accounting
  • transfer agent services
  • investor services
  • tax services
  • compliance support
  • back-office outsourcing
  • printing and fulfillment across asset classes
  • fund structures and strategies
  • from real estate to private equity
  • private debt, asset-backed securitizations
  • fund of funds and hybrids. 

Excellence in fund administration services is essential for maintaining and expanding capital flow for fund managers of any strategy

Our proprietary fund administration technology platform, STAR-XMS centralizes and streamlines processes to maximize fund administration service efficiency and is a long-term Phoenix American investment in advanced solutions that support your business and help drive your success. In addition to fund administration service efficiency, STAR-XMS achieves a level of data accessibility, transparency and visibility unmatched in alternatives with reporting capability on fund administration data that supports decision-making and guides investment sales efforts.

Advanced Fund Administration Technology

The STAR-XMS fund administration technology platform supports all fund administration and transfer agent service needs across asset classes and provides visibility into your operating model, delivering investor services and management support data as you need it and when you need it. The system features a web-based ease-of-use, direct connectivity with industry participants, robust reference and reporting capabilities and in integrated web portal functionality for investors and financial advisors. 

Our fund administration systems and processes streamline back-office operations, supporting your growth into new markets, products and capital raising models ensuring compliance, data security robust oversight. Phoenix American is an SEC-registered transfer agent. All fund administration processes are SOC 1, Type II audited annually. 

We have provided top-tier fund administration services support to some of the most complex real estate, debt and infrastructure funds investing the United States, Europe and Asia. Our system functionality and connectivity with participants throughout the industry enable us to onboard, aggregate and disseminate information for efficient fund administration service across investment vehicles and jurisdictions for the full investment lifecycle. Our systems’ reporting capabilities harness fund administration data so you can visualize sales, transaction and marketing information customized for sales teams, stakeholders, regulators or auditors.

Our nearly fifty years of fund administration experience covers every variety of fund complexity and every kind of fund administration service need. Umbrellas with sub-funds, parallel funds for different investor bases, regulated and unregulated funds, closed, semi-open and open-ended funds and separately managed accounts requiring subtle variations in fund administration and transfer agent services are well within our experience.

Full Range of Fund Administration and Transfer Agent Services

Phoenix American provides full-stack fund administration, fund accounting and investor services ranging from:

  • new investment processing
  • accreditation
  • shareholder record keeping and distributions to transfers
  • capital calls
  • proxy voting
  • tax documents and communications by email
  • mail phone and investor web portal
  • customizable financial, sales and marketing reporting

Phoenix American fund administration and transfer agent services allow you to streamline and scale your operating model, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce operational risk and cost.

Our ability to simplify workflows, satisfy investors and ease compliance enables us to streamline and scale your fund operations and fund administration services, eliminating inefficiencies, reducing risks and controlling costs.

Customized Fund Administration Service Offering

By tailoring our fund administration and transfer agent services to your preferred workflow we develop proactive solutions to your most complex operational challenges

Phoenix American is your long-term partner. However you grow: geographically, in AUM, investor count, to new asset classes, fund structures or distribution strategies, we have the fund administration expertise, specialized technology and investor service know-how to support your success. Every step of the way, we are able to provide insights on operational best practices, regulatory compliance and downstream operational impacts to inform your decision making and ensure optimum fund administration services. We provide a proactive, nimble and fully integrated account management and fund administration service experience.

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