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Representing the perspective and priorities of fund administration in the major trade associations in the industry. Innovations in fund administration for alternatives.



Phoenix American innovates in every aspect of the fund administration role for alternative investments and represents the priorities of fund administration in the major trade associations in the industry.

The Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) is the largest U.S. trade association in the alternative and direct investments industry, providing education, networking opportunities, and advocacy for members. For a fund administration provider, ADISA is an essential point of engagement with the alternative investment industry where contacts can be made and insights can be gleaned on the changing fund administration needs of investment fund sponsors.

ADISA works to maintain the efficiency, integrity and reputation of the alternatives industry just as Phoenix American does with our fund administration offering: by promoting the highest ethical standards and operational efficiency and educating industry participants on issues important to fund sponsors and distribution partners. ADISA conferences provide networking opportunities and representation of our industry in the public and political arena.

The Central Role of Fund Administration

Operating at the crossroads of fund sponsors, investors, advisors, custodians and others, fund administration is the connective tissue that makes an efficient alternative investment industry possible. ADISA conferences are an important point of regular personal engagement with the many parties impacted by our fund administration role.

  • Many fund administration clients and potential clients attend ADISA conferences. 
  • Events are valuable opportunities to meet one-to-one with clients, discuss their fund administration needs and learn how the Phoenix American fund administration offering can better help to drive the industry forward.  
  • Educational sessions discuss new trends in fund structures and strategies requiring new fund administration solutions.
  • Engagement with distribution partners develop new strategies for bringing offerings to market supported by advanced fund administration.
  • New technologies in fund operations, new investment onboarding applications, sales platforms and industry-wide digital connectivity, all facilitated by fund administration innovation are examined in these sessions.

Phoenix American is frequently called upon to provide the fund administration perspective in panel discussions on back-office operations, compliance, due diligence and other issues that touch upon the fund administration role. There is no better participant in the alternative investment community than fund administration with daily direct interaction with every industry entity, to provide data-driven insight on these issues

Fund Administration and Lobbying Efforts

Keeping up with regulatory changes and the legislative agenda is essential to us as a fund administration provider and to our industry. Regulatory requirements figure strongly in the fund administration role for alternative funds.

Our engagement with ADISA helps us to fulfill this need to monitor and respond to potential regulatory changes to the benefit of our fund administration clients.  As a registered lobbyist, ADISA interacts with lawmakers and regulatory agencies not only in Washington, D.C., but in states considering regulatory changes that would impact ADISA members. As a fund administration provider, interacting regularly with fund sponsors, investors, financial advisors and regulators, Phoenix American is able to add an important perspective to ADISA’s governmental lobbying efforts.

We advocate strongly for our fund administration clients. We partner with ADISA and other organizations to submit comment letters on industry issues, put forward important perspective from the fund administration perspective and insist upon clarifications when regulations are unclear. 

A fund administration provider should be on the front line of keeping clients up-to-date on any regulatory developments that could affect the way they do business. Phoenix American’s ongoing partnership with ADISA is a key element in this essential fund administration function.

The Educational Potential of Fund Administration

ADISA, like Phoenix American, produces industry-specific white papers on important subjects facing alternative investments and fund administration. John Harrison, Executive Director of ADISA contributes valuable perspective to Phoenix American white papers complimenting our own contributions to ADISA educational content.

Phoenix American is frequently the fund administration provider participating in the educational resources ADISA makes available to its members: 

  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Legislative Updates

Our own educational offerings extend beyond publications. At ADISA conferences, we regularly provide a data-rich fund administration perspective to educational discussions, presentations, and Q&A sessions. Fund administration data and processes reveal important insights into emerging trends, best practices, and regulatory issues.

Networking and Promoting Excellence in Fund Administration

ADISA conferences allow ample time for networking. Making new connections and promoting the benefits of quality fund administration for both emerging and established managers is an important part of our mission and our business. 

ADISA’s conferences bring together a unique, diverse group of professionals under one roof for face-to-face conversation. There is no better way to communicate the value of advanced fund administration and to understand the changing needs of fund sponsors so fund administration can change to meet those needs. ADISA’s membership is a broad cross-section of alternative investment sponsors, broker-dealers, RIA’s, custodians, fund administration providers and funding sources. The potential for connection, cross-pollination and inspiration is enormous. For building, maintaining, enhancing and promoting an industry-leading fund administration solution, there is no better place than ADISA.  

The ADISA Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit which assists with scholarships and special projects to grow the study and appreciation of the alternative and direct investment space. The Foundation specifically supports educational organizations that provide programs to support students in their studies related to our field and appearances at functions by government officials as a part of the ongoing education of members and the public. Phoenix American, the premier provider of fund administration services to the alternative investment community, is an proud supporter of the ADISA Foundation.

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