Transfer Agent Functions in Focus

Meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of investors, advisors, auditors, regulators and fund management is what Phoenix American transfer agent services are all about.


Transfer Agent Functions in Focus

As an investment fund manager, your primary purpose is to maximize returns for your investors. Managing transfer agent tasks, accounting, reporting and tax documents while complying with regulatory obligations only distracts from generating value and satisfying investors.

Even the most experienced fund managers struggle with in-house transfer agent processes. Managing transfer agent teams, as well as complex data and security protocols, coordinating outside vendors and responding to regulatory obligations, are not duties that at which fund managers excel.

A strong business decision is to outsource transfer agent services to a vendor that can handle a fund’s growing transfer agent and portfolio accounting needs while also managing document management, data security and compliance. It is a reasonable division of labor.

50 Years as Transfer Agent for Alternative Investments

Phoenix American has a fifty-year transfer agent track record assisting fund sponsors in overcoming back-office challenges, achieving true efficiency, controlling costs and driving new investment sales. Throughout the life cycle of an alternative investment fund, our team of seasoned transfer agent specialists can provide full-stack fund services for any structure, scale or asset class.

Our transfer agent services experience benefits managers of all fund types. Phoenix American supports fund sponsors with transfer agent services, fund accounting, financial and performance reporting and tax document production so they can focus on raising capital and making the best investment decisions, whether they are just getting started or have a large number of funds across multiple jurisdictions.

Sponsors can focus on executing their fund’s investment plan with Phoenix American transfer agent services. “Raise capital. Acquire assets. We’ve got the rest.”

Customer Service Commitment

Our experienced team collaborates with you to design the ideal transfer agent solution for your needs, one that is tailored to your preferred work flow and includes integrated regulatory compliance processes and services for all back-office requirements.

  • PPM/LPA review and operational adherence to all commitments
  • New investment onboarding
  • AML/KYC/OFAC/FATCA compliance
  • Bank account opening and maintenance
  • NAV calculations
  • Capital calls
  • Proxies
  • Distributions
  • Investor/Advisor web portal
  • Tax Documents
  • Printing & Fulfillment

By partnering with Phoenix American, you can save on expenses and minimize the distractions of transfer agent processes while surpassing investor expectations. Working with your transfer agent team is similar to working with your own personnel, with a responsive single point of contact, operational support and a transfer agent services group that is familiar with your fund and operational preferences.

Transfer Agent Technology for Alternative Investments

STAR-XMS, Phoenix American’s proprietary transfer agent technology, is a platform that delivers end-to-end transfer agent services capability, maximizing efficiency for your transfer agent team while providing you with quick reference and robust reporting.

The investor/advisor web portal, integrated with the STAR-XMS transfer agent system, provides investors and their financial advisers with access to account information, documents, tax forms, notification and marketing. STAR-XMS is the most cutting-edge transfer agent services technology available in the alternative investment industry.

Our industry-leading technology and high-touch customer service, combined with our fifty years of transfer agent services experience, meets your day-to-day transfer agent and back-office needs, responds to more immediate issues quickly and provides unrivaled sales and marketing reporting on your historical sales data.


Customized transfer agent services are designed to meet your fund’s individual needs.

Comprehensive Transfer Agent Services at Value Prices

  • Full-stack integrated back office services: transfer agent, fund administration, fund accounting, tax document preparation, financial and performance reporting
  • Advanced investor/advisor online portal that supports your fund’s brand.
  • Adaptable transfer agent services for changing regulatory requirements, investor needs and management preferences.
  • Transfer agency support that allows you to focus on sales and investments.
  • Commitment to transfer agent best practices
  • Robust sales reporting that gives actionable insights for sales teams
  • Knowledge of all private capital structures: private equity, real estate, private debt/credit, infrastructure, venture capital and fund of funds.
  • Advanced transfer agent technology that reduces errors and improves workflow.
  • Customized reporting for all audiences
  • Value pricing
  • SEC registered transfer agent
  • SOC 1 Type II audited transfer agent processes.
  • Fifty years of transfer agent experience gives you the benefit of our history

Phoenix American transfer agent solutions are built for the whole life cycle or your fund.

  • Our flexible transfer agent product suite adapts to changes in strategy, new fund structures and new investor types.
  • Scalable transfer agent services ensure accuracy and cost efficiency regardless of the number of investors or AUM.
  • Direct transfer agent system integration with wire houses, BDs, RIAs, AIP, custodians and family offices.
  • Institutional, high-net-worth and individual investors all benefit from transfer agent services customized for their needs.

Meeting the demands and expectations of investors, advisors, auditors, regulators and fund managers is what transfer agent services are all about. The transfer agent role is a complicated set of activities that necessitates specialized systems, well-established processes and knowledgeable operational personnel. Phoenix American provides transfer agent services that will help you build your brand, simplify your life and focus on sales and assets.

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