Personal Profile

So that we can put together a short profile of you on the Team page of the website, please answer the following questions.

Team Page Portal

Professional Headshot

So that Team page headshots will have the same look and feel, we will use an AI application to compile your profile headshot from multiple images that you submit. Please click the button below and submit at least 20 photos of yourself in the folder with your name. We will produce from your submissions a professional profile headshot to be used on the website. Please consider the following:

  • Any photo of you will do: vacation photos, family photos, wedding photos, graduation headshots, etc.
  • Make each photo unique and unlike all the others.
  • Clothing and environment in the images you submit do not matter.
  • Include at least 10 photos of you smiling.
  • Be sure that there is sufficient lighting on your face.
  • Photos should represent you at roughly your current age.
  • Selfies will do if you do not have enough pictures of yourself on hand. Selfies need to be face and upper body only and have different backgrounds, different lighting, smiles and different angles.

Once the profile image has been compiled we will reach out to you for your approval of the image and the text of your profile before they are posted to the website.

Thanks for your co-operation.