The Manager Survey

Phoenix American recently surveyed alternative investment fund managers on their outlook on fundraising in the current economic environment. Here is what the fundraising landscape looked like during the week of April 15 in the eyes of 570 alternative fund managers.

How confident are you about fundraising for your funds over the next six months?

Levels of optimism for capital raising ran the gamut for fund managers this week. While over 42% are looking forward with at least some level of confidence, over 35% see things more negatively.

The answers to other recent survey questions shed some light on this perspective. During the week of April 15, over 42% of managers were at least somewhat concerned with the stability of the banking industry given three recent bank failures. The availability of venture debt is likely a factor for VC funds. During the week of April 24, 32% of managers polled felt that the investment environment of the last six months has worked to discourage investments in alternatives.

Still, despite some headwinds there is more positive feeling than negative for the fundraising outlook for alternative investment funds.


The Manager Survey of private equity and venture capital fund sponsors is conducted weekly on an individual survey question basis. The sample of fund managers varies by question. No margin of error (MOE) is calculated. It is important to remember that while respondents to each question were a random sample, lower participation rates carry with them higher margins of error. Data was collected using email and an online panel.