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Institutional-class, back-office operations with an emphasis on high-touch customer service



Phoenix American provides end-to-end transfer agent services for funds of any scale, regardless of AUM or investor count. The revolutionary STAR-XMS transfer agent system centralizes all back-office functions in a single system with powerful reporting capabilities, enabling Phoenix American to achieve an unparalleled level of operational efficiency in transfer agent processes. Sales and transaction reporting output empowers your sales teams to drive success. Phoenix American is an SEC-registered transfer agent with SOC 1, Type II audited processes. Many client funds, acting as their own transfer agent, use STAR-XMS for their own internal use.


Your partner-oriented transfer agent team of experienced professionals understands your fund’s goals and services your needs with responsive attention to detail and a deep bench of operational backup.

  • Tenured and Knowledgeable Staff
  • Account Teams based at San Rafael, CA, Headquarters
  • SEC-registered Transfer Agent
  • SOC 1, Type II Audited Processes


The STAR-XMS transfer agent system was designed by Phoenix American to centralize and streamline all back-office functions. Housing the complete shareholder database and all related historical information, STAR-XMS seamlessly integrates transfer agent operations with fund accounting, tax, cash management, the investor web portal and printing operations to facilitate and standardize all transfer agent processes.

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Our transfer agent system, STAR-XMS, is linked to all major industry participants.

  • DTCC AIP Platform
  • Custodians
  • Broker Dealers & RIAs
  • Fintech
  • Blockchain
  • DST FAN Mail
  • Customizable to Your Needs

Long-standing relationships throughout the industry enable us to establish any needed direct connectivity to facilitate transfer agent processes.


Advanced systems and proven processes ensure the efficient movement of funds for all transfer agent purposes.

  • Distributions
  • Payouts
  • Incoming Business
  • Cash & Transactions
  • Transfers & Redemptions
  • DRIPs
  • Corporate Actions
  • Account Maintenance
  • Add-Ons
  • SOC 1, Type II Audited Transfer Agent Processes


Phoenix American systems and transfer agent services are designed to meet your fund’s regulatory requirements, whatever its size, structure or stage in its life cycle.

  • Blue Sky Tracking
  • OFAC Checks (Patriot Act)
  • KYC/AML Checks
  • Accreditation Services (506b, 506c)
  • Compliance Checks
  • Feeder Fund Liaison Services (Offshore Funds)
  • Escheatment/Lost Investor Tracking
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)


Prompt and accurate completion, processing and archiving of physical forms saves everyone time and frustration in transfer agent functions. Investors, advisors and sponsors appreciate the accuracy and reliability Phoenix American brings to transfer agent processes.

  • New Investment Processing
  • Transfers
  • Redemptions
  • Confirmations
  • Notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a third party transfer agent for investor services?

  • Professionalism– A third party transfer agent frees management to focus on capital raising and asset acquisition.
  • Efficiency– An experienced transfer agent provider using specialized systems maximizes return on your operational dollar.
  • Credibility– Institutional-class outsourced transfer agent services infrastructure fulfills the due diligence requirements of institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors.
  • Compliance– Audited transfer agent services satisfy regulators, managing broker-dealers and investment platforms. Also, the compliance capabilities of advanced transfer agent systems streamlines investor qualifying, validation and clearing.
  • Integration– A single provider of fund accounting, transfer agent / investor services and tax document production saves on costs, minimizes errors and maximizes data security.
  • Scalability– A fund benefits throughout its life cycle from a transfer agent platform that can expand and adapt as the fund grows and changes.
  • Reputation– Responsive investor services and customized informative deliverables promote confidence in your investment brand among investors and advisors.

How can Phoenix American be more cost effective?

Transfer agent and investor services has been our primary line of business for over 40 years. We have the talent, technology and economies of scale to maximize efficiency and affordability. With Phoenix American’s menu of offerings you choose the level of service that suits your needs. Whether you choose our full transfer agent package or our application-only transfer agent system solution, you leverage our skilled personnel and technological infrastructure to compliment your own capabilities more efficiently addressing your transfer agent and investor services needs. Either way, you save time and money.

How much do Phoenix American transfer agent services cost?

Your contract will be tailored to the individual transfer agent needs of your business. There will be a one-time implementation fee and a monthly transfer agent system fee thereafter. You will find the value and ease of working with Phoenix American far superior to the expense and difficulty of purchasing the equipment and maintaining the staff to perform transfer agent functions in-house.

How will I access my investor services information?

Phoenix American provides multiple VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions for secure access to your data in our transfer agent application. We maintain strict controls regarding access to all investor services applications, networks, servers, and databases. Only authorized Phoenix American staff and your designated employees will have direct access to your transfer agent data. The STAR-XMS transfer agent system has security settings that limit your personnel to accessing only the investor services data they need.

How is my account handled by Phoenix American?

An investor services account manager is assigned as your day-to-day point of contact for transfer agent functions. Your account manager will respond to any questions, investigate concerns, oversee account activity and coordinate any adjustments that might be needed. A knowledgeable backup account manager will also be assigned to your transfer agent team to ensure that answers and service will always be available.

Won't our investors or shareholders become concerned if a new service provider is appointed?

No. Your investors will not be aware of any transition unless you choose to inform them. Your company will retain full management control at all times. Phoenix American is engaged solely as your administrative provider and can act transparently as a white labelled service for any range of investor, accounting or transfer agent services. We provide you the flexibility to outsource any aspect of your investment administration, leaving you in complete control.

How can Phoenix American transfer agent services save me money?

Phoenix American eliminates the overhead and staffing issues of full-time in-house administration and transfer agent operations. Our unique regimen of operational checks and balances eliminates back office problems and accelerates your workflow. Phoenix American transfer agent services are a customized solution built around the way you work. The STAR-XMS transfer agent system minimizes errors, accelerates processes and connects with offices and entities throughout the industry. You not only save on operational costs but gain accelerated transfer agent processing, visibility across the industry and sales reporting capabilities that help drive new sales. The experience of our personnel, the power of our technology infrastructure and our operational economies of scale give you a significant advantage over any other transfer agent solution.

We are a general solicitation fund. Can you provide investor accreditation services?

Yes. Phoenix American provides accreditation services as part of out transfer agent package in strict compliance with SEC rule 501 establishing qualification by annual income or net worth for 506(c) and Regulation A+ funds. Employing automated and manual systems as needed, we accept submitted documentation and direct contact with investors to establish the qualification of each investor. A Phoenix American Accredited Investor Certificate (with attorney signature) is then issued to the investor by the transfer agent team. This certificate is valid accreditation for use with any alternative investment for 90 days as specified under federal law.

The STAR-XMS transfer agent system includes an accreditation module for clients where the accredited investor information for a fund is available and searchable along with all supporting documentation. This information is accessible for audit support and to streamline the process of re-accreditation investors for future programs.

We are a Reg D fund. Can you perform ongoing re-accreditation of our investors?

Yes. This is a standard feature of our transfer agent offering. Revisions to the registration requirements under Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act mandate an annual test for accredited investor status. Issuers must establish a reasonable belief, at the end of each fiscal year, that they do not have 500 investors that are not accredited.

The Phoenix American investor web portal makes the process easy. When investors log in to their online account, they will be prompted, each year, to check a box verifying that they remain accredited investors. Re-verification will be tracked and reported on an ongoing basis in the accreditation module of STAR-XMS, the transfer agent system of record.
Phoenix American can conduct mail, email or telephone campaigns on your behalf encouraging investors to log in to their online account and verify their status.

We are a crowdfunding platform. Do you provide transfer agent and investor services for special purpose vehicles (SPVs)?

Yes. For crowdfunding platform operators, Phoenix American offers a complete back office solution utilizing the STAR-XMS transfer agent system for the administration of special purpose vehicles. Automated new business entry, distributions, transfers, accounting and K-1 processing are available in a package tailored to the needs of crowdfunding platforms. Transfer agent solutions for crowdfunding portals streamline operational efficiency while remaining invisible to the investor.

Can Phoenix American process capital calls and proxies?

Yes. Phoenix American processes capital calls and proxies as part of our full transfer agent package. Our transfer agent system is designed to manage timely capital call calculation, notification and outreach as specified by you. We provide end-to-end proxy preparation, delivery and tabulation services, all performed in our secure headquarters facility in San Rafael, CA. Multiple modes of solicitation and voting are available and we provide follow-up solicitation as needed to ensure you achieve the required participation.