Straight-Through Processing

Electronic new investment processing to replace the traditional paper subscription document.


An All-Digital Investment Experience

Straight-through processing (STP) is an electronic transaction processing technology for alternative funds, offering fund sponsors significant advantages over paper subscription document processing by automating and streamlining the process digitally without manual intervention. This efficiency reduces processing times and minimizes errors, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. STP also improves transparency and compliance by providing transaction tracking and audit trails. Straight-through processing can lower operational costs by reducing the need for manual entry and reconciliation of transaction data from physical documents. STP is designed to enhance the investor experience with faster, more reliable transaction processing, supporting better decision-making and fostering investor trust.

Straight-Through Processing Providers

Phoenix American’s STAR-XMS transfer agent system is integrated with all providers of straight-through processing and can be integrated with any investment processing platform for direct ingestion of new investment data to the shareholder database of client funds.

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