The Alternative Investment Products Platform (AIP)


Phoenix American was instrumental in helping the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) develop the Alternative Investment Products (AIP) platform and was one of the first transfer agents to integrate with the system.

AIP streamlines transactions and clearing for participating funds with easy access for financial advisors and a centralized standard for processing purchases, capital calls, redemptions and transfers. Participants on the AIP platform include fund managers, fund administrators, transfer agents, broker/dealers, custodians and other parties in alternative investment transactions.

AIP supports all alternative investment product types including hedge funds, private equity and non-traded REITs with a fully digital experience, eliminating manual processes, reducing operational risks and enhancing transparency. AIP acts as a central transaction channel between issuers and distributors. Features like money settlement, investor-level reporting and electronic document transmission.

Phoenix American’s integration with AIP fully enables participating funds in leveraging the platform to streamline operations and improve compliance.

Phoenix American provides efficient new investment processing according to client preference.

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