Fund Administration and the Institute for Portfolio Alternatives

Innovative approach to fund administration and representing the priorities of fund administration in the major trade associations in the industry.


Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA)

Phoenix American innovates in every aspect of the fund administration role for alternative investments and represents the perspective and priorities of fund administration in the major trade associations of the industry.

The Institute for Portfolio Alternatives (IPA) is a major center for education, innovation and advocacy for the alternative investment industry. Fund administration is a significant part of what makes alternative investments available, accessible and appealing to mainstream investors and Phoenix American has represented leading-edge fund administration at the IPA for many years.

The IPA By the Numbers

The IPA brings together the top asset managers, product distribution partners, fund administration providers and other industry participants who are dedicated to driving the industry forward through education, innovation and transparency.

  • 52% of members are distribution firms including wirehouse firms, regional broker-dealers, IBDs, financial institutions, RIAs and family offices
  • 26% of members develop and manage portfolio diversifying investment products, including REITs, BDCs, interval funds, closed-end funds, opportunity zone funds, DSTs/1031 exchanges and private programs, many fund administration clients of Phoenix American.
  • 22% of members, like Phoenix American, provide services to the industry: attorneys, fund administration providers, custodians, consultants, due diligence firms, valuation firms, and financial technology firms.

The IPA is committed to expanding access to alternative funds and creating more opportunities for retail investors to balance their portfolios. Phoenix American’s versatile and innovative fund administration capability has helped to further that goal with broad and deep involvement with the IPA. 

Committee Representation for Fund Administration

Executive engagement in IPA committees provides national leadership for the alternative investment industry. Phoenix American’s voice at the table on efficiency and innovation in fund administration affords opportunities to drive industry growth.

The IPA’s specialized committees and their respective interest groups have a central role in the IPA’s efforts to provide national leadership for the alternative investment industry. Phoenix American is committed to providing essential fund administration perspective on pivotal IPA committees.

  • Ned Montenecourt, our Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, represents fund administration and Phoenix American on the Compliance and Due Diligence Committee, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and Policy, Regulatory and Legal Affairs Committee
  • Zane Doyle, our Chief Strategy Officer, advocates for innovation and  efficiency in fund administration on the Technology, Innovation and Operations Committee

The IPA supports increased access to investment strategies with low correlation to the broader markets: non-listed real estate investment trusts (REITs), business development companies (BDCs), interval funds, closed-end funds, opportunity zones funds, DSTs/1031 Exchanges, and other private placements. Phoenix American, as a fund administration provider to all these vehicles, shares this commitment.

Fund Administration at the Center of Industry Conversation

The IPA is a powerful industry advocate. Being an active member puts Phoenix American and fund administration priorities at the center of industry, legislative and regulatory conversations. The annual IPA Summit & Hill Day event engages IPA members directly with members of Congress to discuss pending and proposed legislation. Phoenix American’s fund administration perspective, at the heart of the investor experience, adds an essential dimension to congressional deliberation on important issues.

Active membership in the IPA provides real-time actionable intelligence on critical legislative and regulatory issues. The IPA’s direct relationships and dialogue with the SEC, FINRA, NASAA, Treasury Department and key agencies allows Phoenix American to offer valuable fund administration perspective not only to policy makers but regulators and industry associations.

The IPA hosts a number of events throughout the year: Due Diligence Symposiums, IPA Vision, IPA Summit & Hill Day, IPA Forums and Direct Insights webinar series, offering Phoenix American visibility to the topics and trends that are driving industry growth and changing the fund administration needs of product sponsors.

Perspective from the Fund Administration Role

The IPA and Phoenix American are partners in educating investors, distributors and fund sponsors on important industry matters. Phoenix American regularly produces white papers on a range of subjects that concern the industry with perspective drawn from our fund administration role. Anthony Chereso, President and CEO of the IPA, contributes perspective to Phoenix American white paper content.

Knowledge and networking are key benefits for active IPA participants. Phoenix American not only showcases industry-leading fund administration products and services but is able to come together with industry executives to learn from each other. Expansion of business contacts through personal networking heightens awareness of alternative investments and helps to drive fund administration innovation. The ongoing enhancement of our fund administration systems and services is improved by this kind of personal engagement with industry leaders.

The IPA is uniquely positioned to raise awareness of alternative investments among stakeholders and market participants. Phoenix American participates in educational platforms that provide opportunities to develop productive relationships and to speak directly with distribution partners, asset managers and industry partners. Innovations in fund administration for alternatives comes directly from this industry engagement.

Fund Administration and Industry Advocacy

The IPA is consistently recognized as the leading, results-driven advocate for the alternative investment industry. As a member of the IPA, Phoenix American is at the leading edge of the policy and regulatory issues that directly affect the alternative investments industry and inspire enhancement of our fund administration offering. Inside access to real-time intelligence at the local, state and federal levels make IPA members able to engage actively in the legislative and rulemaking process. Phoenix American, providing an essential investor perspective from our fund administration role, works directly with legislators and regulators to ensure that new laws promote business growth and capital formation while protecting investors.

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