Proprietary Technology

The administration system and web portal solution for alternative investment funds

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Proprietary Technology

The administration system and web portal solution for alternative investment funds

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STAR-XMS (Syndication Tracking and Reporting with Expanded Marketing and Sales Capabilities) is our proprietary investor recordkeeping system for outsourced fund administration services. The system is also available under license to self-administered funds to reduce their costs and maximize back-office efficiency.

STAR-XMS centralizes all back office data, documents and functions, minimizes errors, speeds the execution of distributions, commissions, capital calls and payments, and initiates in-house printing of checks, statements and tax documents. Live connections with participants throughout the industry maximize the visibility of your investment product. Robust reporting empowers your sales and marketing teams helping to drive new business.

Comprehensive Functionality

All back-office functions centralized in one system

  • New investment entry & compliance
  • Capital call calculation & notice production
  • Shareholder account maintenance
  • New investment sales commissions & carry calculations
  • Shareholder transfers
  • Redemptions (both partial & full redemptions)
  • Distribution calculation & payments
  • Check & statement production
  • Tax document production
  • Investment fund-branded web portal for investors & financial advisors

Industry Connectivity

Live connections with participants throughout the industry

  • Ameriprise, Pershing, NFS, LPL
  • DTCC AIP Platform
  • DST FAN Mail
  • Broker-dealer back offices
  • RIA back offices
  • Custodians
  • Family offices


Features that ensure accuracy and reduce risk

  • Customizable to the needs of your fund
  • Documents embedded in the system
  • Role-based permissions & access
  • AML, KYC, OFAC, FATCA & Blue Sky compliance
  • Payment system integration
  • Fund accounting integration
  • Data security, redundancy & disaster recovery
  • Consultative operational support

Sales & Transaction Reporting

Insight to empower sales teams

  • Reporting on sales, transaction, history & profile data
  • Searchable, sortable & trackable information
  • Hundreds of standard reports
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Automated reports
  • Scheduled report delivery via email or mobile device
  • PDF, HTML, Excel, Word or CSV Output
  • Exports files uploadable to SalesForce® & other CRMs

Self-Administered Fund Technology

Administration system for your in-house team

  • Web-based for enhanced usability
  • Controls minimize errors
  • Fast, accurate & simplified processing
  • Proofing & approval stages
  • Operational backup available


Take your back office to the next level with STAR-XMS

  • Institutional-class, back-office infrastructure
  • Frees up internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Reduces overhead
  • Minimizes operational risk
  • Facilitate seamless communication with investors
  • Satisfies institutional & ultra high-net-worth due diligence requirements
  • Simplifies annual fund audits
  • Equips sales teams with better access to data
  • Integrates with printing & mailing of checks & statements

Investor & Advisor Web Portal

Your customized web portal delivers fast, versatile, interactive access to STAR-XMS data. Users have dynamic web-enabled access to the information they need with a secure interface. Sponsors access the full universe of their investor information and easily communicate updates and marketing.

Investors access a full view across all their funds including positions, account values and transaction updates. Investors can change profiles and preferences, access forms, mailings, tax documents and account statements, or submit questions and requests. Advisors review their clients’ positions across all their funds, as well as receive updates and messages.

for Sponsors

Sponsors command access to the full universe of investor information. Investors and advisors have independent access to the specific information they need.

  • Reduced Costs
  • 24/7 Access to Investor Data
  • Historical Documents
  • Convenient Communication Among All Participants
  • Tax Documents
  • Profile & Preference Changes
  • Proxies, Notifications & Updates
  • Marketing

for Investors

Investors access a global view of their account information across all funds, submit questions, profile changes, account requests and participate in proxy voting.

  • Account Values
  • Transaction History
  • Status Updates
  • Profile & Preference Changes
  • Question & Requests
  • Forms, Mailings And Documentation.
  • Tax Forms (1099s & K-1s)
  • Account Statements

for Advisors

Advisors access client investor information across all their clients’ positions and view balances, statuses and transaction history.

  • View Client Positions Across All Funds
  • Drill Down to Investment Level
  • View Accounts As Investor
  • Access Statements & Tax Documents
  • Retrieve Fund-Specific Forms
  • Receive Quarterly Updates
  • Download List of Client Investors

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