Investor Relations

Multiple channels of communication keeping investors informed and engaged



Transparency and responsiveness with investors and advisors promote loyalty and enhance the credibility of your brand. Web portal, email, phone and mail communications are all centralized and tracked in the STAR-XMS system, giving investors the information they need to manage their finances, file their taxes and decide to invest in your next fund. Management of investor questions and concerns eliminates a major distraction from your team’s focus on investments and sales.

Investor & Advisor
Web Portal

Versatile two-way communication to keep you, your investors and their advisors equipped with the timely information all parties need.

  • Investor Account Values
  • Transaction History
  • Tax Documents
  • Statements
  • Profile & Preferences Changes
  • Question & Request Submission
  • Proxy Voting
  • Notifications
  • Marketing

Printing &

Secure, high-quality printing and mailing using premium materials, precision full-color rendering, on-time mail processing and volume shipping discounts.

  • Distribution Checks
  • Statements
  • Account Executive Reports
  • Client Communications
  • Proxies
  • Prospectus, LPAs & PPMs
  • Marketing Materials
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Sales Kits


Electronic outreach to your investors supporting every aspect of their investment in your funds. All communications are tracked in STAR-XMS.

  • Notifications
  • Confirmations
  • Capital Calls
  • Tax Documents
  • Investment Updates
  • Proxy Solicitation
  • Marketing

Call Center

Experienced, friendly Phoenix telephone representatives manage day-to-day investor and advisor questions, concerns and requests on operational matters. Calls on defined subjects are forwarded to management. Scripts can be prepared and followed by the phone team for any specified subject matter.

  • Calls Logged & Tracked in STAR-XMS
  • Experienced, Friendly Telephone Representatives
  • Investor & Advisor Questions, Concerns & Requests
  • Calls on Specified Subjects Forwarded to Sponsor
  • Scripts Followed for Specified Subject Matter


End-to-end proxy preparation, delivery and tabulation services ensure a smooth process, all performed in Phoenix American’s secure headquarters facility.

  • Onsite Proxy Ballot Printing & Mailing
  • Proxy Solicitation via Mail, Email & Phone
  • Follow-up Solicitation
  • Voting by Mail, Phone or Online via Secure Web Portal


The robust reporting capabilities of Phoenix’s systems compile and deliver essential information as needed or automatically on an ongoing basis. Reports can be scheduled for delivery to any distribution list at any frequency.

  • Hundreds of Standard Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reports
  • Delivered via Email, Web Portal or Secure FTP
  • Automated & Scheduled Reports
  • Prior Day Activity, New Sales & Account Change Reports
  • Inter-quarter Asset Holdings Reports
  • Files Uploadable to SalesForce® and Other CRM Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will investors be concerned if a new investor relations provider is appointed?

No. In most cases, your investors will be unaware that a fund administration firm is involved with your fund. All services are white labelled to support your brand. Your company will retain full management control at all times. All communications, checks, statements, emails and other deliverables are customized for your brand and managed according to your instructions. As your fund administration provider, Phoenix American represents your fund as would one of your own employees.

How will an investor relations phone team interact with my our investors?

Phoenix American investor phone support addresses investor questions and concerns according to your specifications. Experienced and friendly representatives with full access to investor account and historical information answer operational questions and address only fund administration related concerns including capital calls, distributions, 1099 and K-1 forms, and profile changes. All subjects relating to sales and portfolio assets can be forwarded to you or addressed in strict adherence to scripts prepared and approved by you. All phone interaction with investors is logged in STAR-XMS for your easy future reference. Responsive service and expedited processing are emphasized in all investor facing services.

What kind of email campaigns can Phoenix American do to support our investor relations?

Email outreach is available for any process needed including capital calls, notification of distributions, proxies, 1099 / K-1 document availability, performance reports and marketing. Investor email campaigns can deliver relevant documents directly as attachments or through secure links or can refer investors to the web portal to access available information. Email communication is available at any volume and at any frequency.

What are the advantages of using Phoenix American to print checks and statements?

The security, data control and compliance of your payment and reporting processes to investors is essential. Our secure in-house printing facility produces checks, statements, K-1s, 1099s, advisor reporting and marketing materials with systems integrated with our STAR-XMS fund administration software to maximize data security. Your deliverables are customized for your brand and rendered in full color using high-quality materials with none of the risk involved in using an outside printing vendor.

What outside parties is the STAR-XMS system connected to and why is this important?

Our fund administration software, STAR-XMS, has live connections with broker-dealer and RIA back offices, clearing houses including Ameriprise, Pershing, NFS and LPL, DTCC’s AIP platform, DST FAM Mail, family offices and custodians throughout the industry. The direct industry connectivity of our fund administration software maximizes the visibility of your funds and minimizes unnecessary communication in investment processing. Any data connectivity your funds may require can be established if it is not already in place.

Can Phoenix process capital calls?

The integration of our fund accounting and fund administration software simplifies capital calls so they can be processed without delay. As with every investor services deliverable, your capital call notifications are customized, easy to read and with a look and feel that promotes confidence in your brand. Using email, mail, phone and the investor web portal Phoenix American follows up as needed to ensure prompt participation from your investors.

What financial reporting is available?

Flexible and robust fund administration software means any financial reporting need you have can be provided in the manner most suited to the specific audience. Asset tracking, cash flow tracking by asset, asset attribution, cost basis tracking and all financial statements can be customized, automated and scheduled for efficient distribution. GAAP reporting, SEC reporting and credit facility reporting are produced with an emphasis on clarity and the specific needs of the recipient in mind.

Does Phoenix American offer proxy services?

Yes. Proxy services are designed to make the required investor participation as easy as possible for you. Production and distribution of proxy notices by mail, email, phone and web portal are followed by tabulation and reporting as well as direct follow-up contact with investors as needed to achieve the necessary participation. Voting can be done by mail, email, phone or online via the web portal according to investor convenience.

Is there a difference in the way Phoenix American processes new investments?

New investment processing is all about efficiency. Getting it right the first time saves money, time and benefits your reputation in the industry. STAR-XMS fund administration software includes controls to minimize errors, compliance checks to satisfy, AML/KYC, OFAC/ Blue Sky and other regulatory requirements and connectivity with custodians and other entities to accelerate processing. Original documents are scanned and embedded in the system for easy reference from investor accounts and distribution to relevant parties. The robust reporting capabilities of the system mean you can leverage investor, sales, transaction and historical data in STAR-XMS to gain business insights and focus sales efforts more efficiently to drive new investments.

What can investors do with the investor web portal?

Your Phoenix American investor web portal gives your investors and their advisors direct secure access to the specific information they need and an efficient means of interacting with you. Investors can access account information, positions, balances, transaction history, 1099s, K-1s, notifications, capital call notices and any performance reporting, forms or marketing you want to provide. Using the web portal, investors can submit questions, register proxy votes and initiate profile changes as needed. Advisors have role specific access to their clients’ account information across all their clients’ positions.