Turnkey Access to Retail Investor Capital
for Alternative Funds

Industry-Leading Fund Administration Partnered with Innovative Manager Broker-Dealers


Phoenix American does more to support and enhance the success of client funds than any other administration provider for alternative funds. As part of that commitment, we offer a synergy of managing broker-dealer (MBD) and fund administration services unique to the industry. The result is an end-to-end retail investor fundraising solution free of operational burden for fund sponsors. This solution leverages industry-leading expertise in fundraising and administration in the retail investor market with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of disruption for fund management.

The Retail Investor Fundraising Channel




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Market Events Processed (in billions)


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Assets Under Management (in trillions)


Years of Phoenix American Experience

Alternative investment funds are more mainstream than ever before with financial advisors diversifying client funds into private equity and venture capital in ever increasing numbers. Your fund can leverage the fundraising potential of the retail investor market with outsourced expertise in distribution and administration.


Our years of experience with specialized financial advisory firms doing business as managing broker-dealers enable us to pair you with the MBD best suited to your structure and strategy. Our MBD partners package and promote your investment products, leverage strategic relationships and deploy seasoned distribution professionals to expand your fundraising into the retail investor channel. The MBD community has developed fundraising models tailored to the particular needs of alternative fund sponsors across all structures, strategies and asset classes.


Working in concert with your MBD partner, Phoenix American addresses all the complexities of managing your retail investor database. New investment onboarding, compliance processes, communications, payments and administration for the retail investors eliminate the need for operational engagement by fund management. With ready, plentiful and distraction-free access to retail investor capital, you are free to pursue growth, on all fronts, without concern for any issues of scale.

A New Approach to Fundraising

Phoenix American re-imagines investment fund services by expanding and integrating the traditional roles of financial advisor and fund administrator while preserving the ability of fund sponsors to focus on acquiring and managing assets.

This comprehensive service offering encompasses consultation, marketing, distribution, compliance, regulatory filing, offering and sponsor due diligence, fund accounting, investor relations and full-service outsourced back-office.

“We have worked well with the managing broker-dealer community and their client funds for many years. It is only natural for us to combine our capabilities to offer a turnkey solution. We expect many fund managers to benefit from the experience we have in both streamlining retail investor fundraising and managing investors and asset accounting at scale.”

– Andrew Constantin, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix American

Access Retail Investor Capital

Access to Retail Investor Capital