Essential Data Flow

P hoenix American, always an innovator in transfer agent services, has recently integrated its Account Connect investor web portal with AltExchange, a leading alternative investment data management provider, to streamline the essential data flow of transfer agent data for financial advisors. AltExchange serves as a connective tissue among transfer agents and various other financial platforms, facilitating seamless data transmission and aggregation for financial advisors who manage client accounts through systems like Orion, BlackDiamond and Addepar. The integration simplifies the dissemination of transfer agent data to the benefit of Phoenix American client fund sponsors.

Integration Process

Phoenix American facilitated for AltExchange a secure automated login to Account Connect, which houses investment data from STAR-XMS, Phoenix American’s transfer agent system. The login allows AltExchange to access anonymized distribution statements, tax forms and fund performance information. The integration addresses the challenge of automating two-factor web portal authentication, ensuring a smooth, secure retrieval process of transfer agent data for advisor reporting without requiring manual intervention.

Authorization and Compliance

To maintain compliance and protect investor privacy, Phoenix American implemented a robust authorization process. Financial advisors obtain investor permission through a Request Authorization Letter (RAL), signed by the investor and facilitated by Phoenix American. This ensures transparency and consent regarding third-party access to transfer agent information.

AltExchange Role

AltExchange manages the task of logging into Account Connect, retrieving relevant transfer agent data and entering it into Orion, BlackDiamond, Addepar or other designated portfolio management system or platform. This streamlined approach reduces the burden on financial advisors, who no longer need to manually gather investment information manually from the transfer agent. AltExchange acts as a conduit, facilitated by Phoenix American, optimizing data flow and enhancing operational efficiency for fund sponsors and advisors alike.

Benefits for Fund Sponsors and Advisors

For fund sponsors, the integration with AltExchange represents enhanced service delivery and streamlined operations. Because of centralized transfer agent data access and automated retrieval processes, sponsors can focus on core activities and simplify the advisor experience without the distraction of data management tasks. Advisors, benefit from a consolidated view of client portfolios, enabling them to make informed investment decisions and provide tailored recommendations efficiently.

Greater Efficiency at No Additional Cost

The integration with AltExchange incurs no additional costs for Phoenix American’s transfer agent clients. Instead, it offers a value-added service that empowers advisors to simplify billing processes and manage client accounts more effectively. AltExchange ‘s role as a facilitator in data exchange enables advisors to leverage diverse investment opportunities without being constrained by issues in retrieving transfer agent data.

Promoting Client Success

The integration of Phoenix American’s investor web portal with AltExchange represents a significant step towards enhancing data flow for financial advisors. By simplifying access to transfer agent data and automating data retrieval processes, the collaboration streamlines operations, improves decision-making and promotes client success. The AltExchange integration is just one example of a Phoenix American’s commitment, through technology partnerships with a forward-thinking industry innovators, to increasing the efficiency of alternative investments and achieving the full potential of the transfer agent role.